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With a luxuriously silky and soft waterproof outer, these bitti d’lish All in Ones are not only super slim but very easy to use as no covers or liners are needed. Once soiled, wash the nappy and replace with a clean one. Absorbent Microfibre and bamboo boosters are sewn into the nappy. The nappies feature the following;

  • An outer of beautifully soft minkee fabric, which is waterproof and breathable;
  • Lined with custom milled supersoft suedecloth to keep baby dry and comfortable;
  • A contoured three layer, super absorbent microfibre booster is sewn into the body of the nappy and a two layer bamboo/organic cotton 'flap' booster, topped with stay-dry suedecloth is sewn into the back of the nappy allowing for fast drying.


  • Snaps on the flap booster allow for a bitti d'lish bamboo snap on mini booster to be added, which increases absorbency for heavy wetters or for extended wear/naps. Snap on mini boosters can be snapped with a single snap at the front and folded in half giving extra absorbency for boys and tummy sleepers. Adding a bamboo mini booster to the bitti d'lish All in One is recommended for heavy wetters.  Available for separate purchase.


Founded and designed by Sue McLauchlin, Newcastle, Australia.

Suedecloth, microfiber booster, bamboo/organic cotton booster.

Small will fit from approx 3.5kg-7.5kg
Medium will fit from approx 6.5-12 kg
Large will fit from approx 10kg-17kg

These are low rise/hipster style nappies, so if baby is above 9kg and a higher rise is preferred (often for boys), the large may be a better fit. If in doubt size up, not down.

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