Freezer Pods - (frozen food, mini muffins & more)

By Wean Meister

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DETAILS: These BPA FREE silicone freezer pods make freezing baby food and milk so easy! Each of the 9 pods are 75ml deep, offering the perfect baby size portion for freezing your homemade baby food. The silicon  lid is flexible making it easy to take on and off, and protects the food from freezer burn. 

The silicon pod trays are also oven proof up to 240degrees - perfect for making mini muffins, lunchbox snacks, mini plum puddings and more in your oven!  Non-toxic.

DESIGN: Designed by Australian based Wean Meister and made in China. Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe.

MATERIALS: Silicone. Contains no BPA or phthalates

COLOURS: Available in Blue and Watermelon (Make selection above)

NB: Price is per tray.

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