Recycled Billboard Pouch


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 Details:   Made from recycled billboards, these little pouches are perfect for carrying all those little bibs and bobs in your handbag - Sort out all those small items that disappear deep inside your handbag, or alternatively use as a mini pencil case during outings with your toddler! 

Design:  Each item is hand made in Indonesia by small home industries in poorer communities. DYRT (Do You Recycle Too) Design provide artisans with micro finance for sewing machines, do not use child labour, pay staff and workers above market price and commit 15% of profits to charity. 

Materials: Each item is made from recycled billboard vinyl.
Colour: No two pouch design is the same due to the unique piece of billboard from which each piece is made. The image is indicative only of the style of pouch. If you would like a colour in blue, yellow, red, green or orange tones please let us know and we will attempt to select an appropriate colour!
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