Hammertime Hammering Board

By State of Green


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DETAILS:  The Hammertime hammering board is a favourite of many kids. Great for learning hand eye coordination, watch your child enjoy hammerring each block down, and the turning over the platform to hammer them back again. The hammer features a soft felt piece on each side, for soft hamering!. Suitable 1.5+

DESIGN: BAJO was founded in 1993 by Polish sculptor and Architect, Wojciech Bajor. BAJO toys have won the Gold Award for their designs at the Toy Fair London (2000), German Design Prize for wooden toys at the International Toy Fair (2002), and nominated for various design prizes. Made in Poland.
MATERIALS: Timber sourced from FSC certified forests in Poland. Painted with certified Non Toxic Paints.
SIZE: 22 x 13 x 13cm
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