SleepyTime organic cotton wheatbag craft kit

By Harvest Textiles

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DETAILS: This Sleepytime wheat bag craft kit will keep you nice and warm at night and add a colourful addition lazing on your bed during the day!  This craft kit comes complete with colourful pieces of hand screen printed organic cottons, bio dynamic wheat and instructions on how to assembly the piece by hand or with a sewing machine! A great project for teaching kids how to sew or makes a great personal hand made present for your own.

DESIGN:  Harvest Textiles is run by Lara Davies, Emma Byrnes and Jess Wright who share a passion for quality handmade textiles, the joy of learning, community and sustainability.  Harvest Textiles use organic, recycled or locally produced fabrics where possible to reduce their impact on the environment. They are passionate about creating products that are not mass produced and are made by hand

MATERIALS: 100% Organic Cotton and biodynamic wheat


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