About Us



At State of Green you can find a range of products for your home that have been thoughtfully designed - considering both aesthetics and the impact of materials used in their production.

Our product range includes tableware made from the fast growing bamboo plant (no rare aged timbers in sight!), natural linen and hemp based textiles, jewellery made from recycled steel and discarded bike tubing (yep!), lighting made sustainably harvested Tasmanian timbers, rugs made by tribal artisans in Morocco, ceramics lovingly handcrafted by local artisans, natural skin and cleaning products and non toxic timber and organic baby products too. Something for the whole family!

Owner Jenny Tranter launched State fo Green in 2010, and since then has also launched the State of Green blog - a great resource for learning about unique sustainable design practitioners and artisans from around the globe.  Visit the blog here: www.blog.stateofgreen.com.au.
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