Palace craft model-medium

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Details: This Palace will have your child acting out as royalty! Designed by German company Calafant, this magical Palace is easy to construct using pre-cut cardboard pieces which slot together easily (no glue or scissors required). Watch your child use their imagination to decorate it and make it their own, and play out their greatest adventures. At the end of its’ use, simply recycle or place in your compost! Each kit comes with a pack of 12 non toxic washable textas. Recommended for ages 3+.

Design: Calafant toys are designed by German cartoonist Boris Schimanski and made in China.
Materials: All Calafant toys are made from recycled cardboard covered with a layer of non-recycled white paper for decorating. 
Dimensions: 24cm x 24cm x 28cm.
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Tags: eco toys
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