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State of Green was launched by Jenny Tranter in 2010, in response to her own frustration of not being able to easily source unique and stylish locally made and/or sustainable products for her family and home. Her hunt led to the discovery of many fantastic local and international designers who are creating sustainable design products that fit perfectly with modern day lifestyles - debunking the image of "eco friendly' being all about brown hessian fabrics and boring neutral coloured wares. 

Jenny doesn't profess to be an eco angel, but endeavours to do the best she can ~ Afterall, if we all do a little bit, we can collectively achieve alot. State of Green recycles where possible, minimizes paper use and only use recycled or recyclable paper products. Posted items use a combination of new and reused cardboard boxes and suppliers original packaging is also reused.  Enviro bubble wrap is also used where required to protect your goods. Customers are encouraged to further recycle packaging received either by reuse or appropriate disposal, so together we can minimize wastage.
Jenny is also writes the State of Green blog, a great resource for learning about unique sustainable design from around the globe.  Visit the blog here: www.blog.stateofgreen.com.au.
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